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Cavaliers - The Four Colours

The breed has four recognized colours - Black & Tan, Blenheim, Ruby, and Tri-Colour.
A cavaliers coat is long and silky when they reach maturity as shown in the pictures below. They require frequent grooming which helps to eliminate matting and snarls.
Black & Tan
Black & Tan:
Jet black with rich tan markings over the eyes, on cheeks and muzzle, inside the ears, on throat and chest, on forelegs from knees to toes, on the inside of the hind legs extending from the hocks to toes, on the underside of the tail, and
around the vent.
It is not unusual to see a black & tan with a bit of white. For a show dog it is preferred there be no white.

Bright chestnut markings, well broken up, on a pearly white background. Ears must be chestnut and the chestnut should be around both eyes.

Rich chestnut covering the entire body.
Jet black markings, well broken up on a pearly white background. Rich tan markings appear over the eyes, on cheeks, inside ears, under the tail, and around the vent.
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